Becoming an active competitor with the Society is a few clicks away.

We require two things of our competitors: that they are in a team, and have attended at least one training session.

Modern negotiations in professional environments are conducted by teams. We take account of this by requiring competitors to form teams of two for competitions. Not only does this make our members professional development more true-to-life, but improves the quality of debate during competition rounds.

We have designed our internal competition, Ebor Negotium, to be accessible to anyone, regardless of negotiation experience. However, we want competitors to have enough knowledge to know what will be expected of them during the competition. Consequently, we ask that all competitors have attended any one of our workshops.

Competing MAde Easy

The easiest way to fulfil these conditions is to become a member of the Society. Through this, you can attend the first event of our calendar (welcome event title) where we will

  • Help members form teams
  • Explain the basics of negotiation
  • Take members through practice negotiation scenarios

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