Workshops Format Overview

Our formats were designed with help from York Law School to encourage members to reflect on their progress, which is central to our training method. With facilitation by industry experts, negotiation simulations are run with different formats for each workshop, using scenarios written by internationally renowned academics. The aim is that our workshops will challenge our members and allow them to achieve their goals, both at York and beyond. 

Forum Theatre Icon.jpg

Forum Theatre

Members watch two experts negotiating using distinctive negotiation styles. The facilitator will halt the negotiation periodically for feedback and suggestions from observers. An observer and participant will switch places and the negotiation will continue. The session ends with analysis of the resolution and ideas for improvement.

Skills surgery

Experts will train one of two groups in a negotiation technique. Groups will come together and negotiate, with breaks for reflection and feedback from facilitators. The session will end with each group analysing and providing feedback on the other group's performance.

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Speed Negotiation Icon.jpg

Speed negotiation

Members negotiate a short scenario, then switch partners and opposite numbers to negotiate again. Members will negotiate naturally, without direction, during which they will receive feedback from wandering experts. The session will end with reflection on different negotiation styles.